Teen Patti Tips and Strategy

Before we can get into tips and strategy for Teen Patti, you’ll first need to know the Teen Patti rules! Translating as “Three Cards” in English, Teen Patti can be played in groups of 3-6 players with a standard 52 card deck (Jokers removed).

Players are dealt 3 cards face-down and bet on whether they believe they have a winning combination.

Players can bet ‘blind’ (without looking at their cards) or ‘seen’ (having looked at their cards). Betting starts from the left of the dealer and goes clockwise around the table.

Teen Patti tips and strategies

Teen Patti Tips

Once you’ve got your head around the general Teen Patti Rules, there are some tips to help you establish yourself as a pro player. The first of our Teen Patti tips is to establish a table limit and stakes.

Getting this out in the open first will make you sound like a proper player other players will want to take seriously.

Next, don’t place a huge bet blind. Start with smaller bets and build your way up to more dominating bets. You should also not be afraid to fold/pack a bad hand.

Teen Patti Strategy

There’s loads of advice online as to what the best Teen Patti strategy is to help you rake in those winnings, but it’s important to filter through the noise and find a strategy that works for you. If you’re not a high-risk player, don’t go for a high-risk strategy!

Stick with a strategy you’re comfortable with. That said, if you’re feeling confident there’s a lot that can be said for staying ‘blind’ at least for the first few bets. This will help you keep your bet limits low and can throw off your opponents.

Famous Teen Patti Players

Although Teen Patti might not have the same level of following and popularity as its cousin, poker, there are still plenty of famous Teen Patti players you can look to for advice and inspiration. Firstly comes Ranjit Samra, who hails from Canada and was the first-ever World Series of Teen Patti winner.

Also worth a mentionings are fellow Canadians Alladina Shanawaz and Krishan Mehra along with Girish Sharma, who’s an Indian player. These Teen Patti players all rose to fame after winning seats to the World Series of Teen Patti.

The Best way to Play Teen Patti

There are many ways to play and the best way to play Teen Patti will very much depend on the players themselves.

Aspects such as risk appetite, whether you’re a high-roller or penny player, table limits, and more will influence any playing strategies as well as the specific tables you’re going to want to sit at.

Some players will play very tight – only betting on the best hands – while others are looser players and might try to bluff weaker hands in the hopes of dominating a table. It depends on you.

Can you Cheat at Teen Patti?

While there are many online resources boasting a portfolio of Teen Patti cheats, it’s not actually possible to cheat a game of chance whether you’re playing at a land-based or online casino with real money.

Online casinos have incredibly strict regulations and systems in place to prevent cheating, so all you can really do to give yourself the best chance of winning is being sure you understand the game and finding a strategy that works for you. It’s often worth trying to find somewhere to play Teen Patti free so you can get in some practice.

How to Win in Teen Patti

How to win in Teen Patti isn’t necessarily an easy question to answer, as there are a few ways you can win. The first and most straightforward way to win is by having the best hand when the cards are revealed at the end of the game, but not all rounds will make it to this stage.

As players are given the chance to increase their bet or fold/pack their hand, you can, in theory, win Teen Patti just by being the last player not to have folded, winning you the pot.

Although you can win this way, that doesn’t mean you should be reckless! Only keep playing if you’re confident you’ve got the best hand or can continue the bluff for long enough.

As there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to make other players fold and you may end up revealing a poor hand that not only loses you the pot and your cash but can damage your reputation as a player.

Carefully consider whether you want to play ‘blind’ or ‘seen’ for each round and remember you can always start ‘blind’ and look later! Good luck!