Teen Patti Real Money

Teen Patti with real money is a popular game not only in India. While its origin is Indian, the game has continued to gain prominence in the entire Southeast Asia region. Its rules are borrowed from traditional poker.

Online Teen Patti with real money is a bit different from the traditional version. Not only does it have more depth but it provides the player with more control of various factors that they don’t have when playing the traditional game. Some benefits of playing online include:

  • You take charge of the game
  • No foul play as it is algorithm-based
  • You can choose the maximum and minimum bet
  • You can choose from different tables

With online real money Teen Patti, there are new doors that can be opened for learning the game. For one thing, you will get an opportunity to play the game with the best players in the industry. You will also remain in charge of the game.

Teen Patti real money

Variations of Real Money Teen Patti

Like we have already stated, Teen Patti gambling is a poker game with many variations. The Best of Four is a version where the croupier deals four cards rather than 3. The goal is to get the best possible 3-card hand from the 4 cards.

Another Teen Patti variation where you can win money playing teen Patti is Wild Draw. After the croupier has dealt with the card, he will choose a random card from the remaining deck. Any card with the same rank will be considered a wild card. Other variations are:

  • Mufliss
  • Low Wild
  • High Wild
  • Bust card draw

How to Play Real Money Teen Patti

Apart from Teen Patti, there are more casino games that you can play with real money. Some of the options available in India include poker, slots, baccarat, and blackjack. But for the purpose of this guide, we will concentrate on Teen Patti.

In Teen Patti with a real dealer, the croupier deals the cards to each player. This is done in an anticlockwise direction. A full card deck of 52 cards is used with each player receiving three cards. The value of the cards is counted as usual.

Card Value in Casino with Teen Patti

An Ace usually carries the highest value in the Teen Patti casino game while other cards hold their own values. Depending on where you decide to play, the dealer may be in a traditional brick and mortar casino, online casino, or in a studio.

Playing Seen vs. Blind

The croupier deals the cards face down. Before placing a bet, a bettor can check their cards in what is referred to as “playing seen”. Alternatively, they can leave them on the table face down in what is known as playing blind.

Rules of Live Card Dealer Games

To play Teen Patti well, you will need to understand how hands are ranked. Teen Patti has 6 combinations that show the best hand possible. A Trio is 3 cards all with the same value such as three fives, three kings, etc.

A straight run consists of 3 cards which follow each other consecutively such as hearts consisting of 3, 4, 5 or clubs consisting of 6- 7-8. A-2-3 is the highest straight series, followed by A-K-Q and K-Q-J while the lowest is usually 2-3-4. Others are:

  • Normal Run
  • Colour
  • Pair
  • High Card

Entry Fee in Real Money Games

A boot or ante amount is usually put on the pot. This could be a value that is equivalent to what each player has put on the table. In an ante, each player chips into the pot before the croupier deal the cards.

When players place an ante, it ensures that the player who folds each round loses money, albeit slowly. This way, each player gets an incentive, no matter how little, to play a hand, instead of tossing their cards away after the first bet has been placed.

Real Money Teen Patti Blind

A blind bet is another compulsory bet placed in the pot by players before the start of the deal, in a manner similar to bets made during play. Other than forced blind bets, players can play blind and therefore put a noncompulsory blind stake into the pot.

After the cards are dealt and each player is given a minimum stake, the game begins. The croupier starts with the player on his or her left with each player taking a turn. The player could choose to do one of the following:

  1. Add to pot
  2. Add nothing and fold

Player Options Explained

If the player chooses to fold they will lose money they have already invested. If they decide to look at their hand, they should have twice the stake amount to continue playing. If they play blind, they can bet the standard amount of stake.

This will continue until the point where all players choose to fold or there are 2 remaining players with one of them choosing a show. It is at this point where the croupier reveals the cards. The player with the highest hands wins.

Teen Patti Bonus

Teen Patti game is usually fast-paced with a lot of excitement. There are also many rules that serve to add to the excitement. Even though the game has no bonus, players are allowed to sideshow, meaning they can show their cards to the player next to them.

To See or not to See?

The other player can choose to see the cards or to ignore them. Since this is a bluff-based game, players should avoid following fellow players if they already have a strong hand. A variation to this rule allows players to see cards only when it is their turn.

Strategy for Real Money 3 Patti

Teen Patti requires you to have skills and to understand people. If you can grasp the art of bluffing, you will become good in the game. Remember that you shouldn’t underestimate your opponent. Be keen on how they are playing. Sideshow can offer a boost of confidence.

Playing blind is an indication of confidence and may cause other players to fold, especially when their cards aren’t in their favour. This is on top of the fact that you get to the minimum as compared to players who have viewed their cards.

Virtual or live real money Teen Patti

You can enjoy laying Teen Patti with family or friends. However, there are many operators and apps in India that allow you to play on a virtual platform. When playing the virtual version, the digital format allows players to enjoy the game from anywhere.

When it comes to the live version, you will be playing against a live dealer but from the comfort of your home. This will offer you a real-life casino experience as you can speak to the dealer. The live version is increasing in popularity.