Online Casino Games in India

It’s always nice to be able to access fun Indian games such as Teen Patti Online, but there are also other casino games in India. These games also offer players a whole tonne of fun and come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes.

There are other table games, live dealer games to give an exciting atmosphere or even slot games that are all available in a number of different forms.

Keep reading to find out all about the different games you can play at online casinos.

casino games india

Online Roulette

One of the most popular online games is roulette. There are a number of different options available for this game. First, it’s possible to play it in a virtual form where software controls the way the game plays out in terms of which numbers pop up.

There’s also the option of live roulette, where the games are operated by real dealers and give you the feeling of a land-based casino. Each of these options has a number of different variants available, including American, European, and French.

Wheel of Fortune

Some of the more popular games, thanks to them being based on luck, are the wheel of fortune options. Some of these can come in virtual form, but the ones that offer a little bit more fun are the live ones.

One of the popular wheels of fortune games is Dream Catcher, where you simply guess which segment the wheel pointer will land on. Another favourite is Monopoly Live, which couples the wheel of fortune with an exciting 3D virtual bonus game that lets you go around the Monopoly board.

Online Blackjack

One of the most popular table games is blackjack. This game combines a certain amount of luck with a little bit of skill and strategy. However, it’s very easy to learn, which is why it’s so popular. Blackjack, like roulette, can be found in virtual and live forms.

Both virtual and live blackjack has a number of different variants available to play, so you’ll need to check out the specific rules for each game before you start playing. Versions can change between deck numbers, what the dealer can do, and more.

Slot Games in India

Arguably the most popular online games are the casino slots. These games come in literally thousands of different options, which all vary in theme, bonus features, and so much more.

Slot games can be found in classic form with simplified reels and few bonus features, harking back to the land-based machines of old.

You can also find five-reel video slots that have a whole tonne of bonus features and numerous paylines to help you get winning combos. Finally, there are progressive jackpot slots, which can give you enormous wins.

Indian Gambling Options

Andar Bahar is, like Teen Patti, a card game from India. Also known as Katti, it’s a traditional gambling game that has easily been transferred to the online platform.

While it is a simple game, there are still some rules. The game uses just a single deck of cards, with players choosing the left slot or the right slot out of the cut pile.

The game can be played in a virtual form, which makes this quite an exciting game. And in recent times, the game has transitioned to the live format too.

Even More Options

There you have it. There are so many different casino games available. Some of the other games we haven’t touched upon yet include baccarat, which is rather similar to blackjack, though requires you to reach a different final number.

There are also plenty of soft casino games available if you want to play something a little bit less stressful.

Bingo, Keno, scratch cards and lotteries all fall into this latter category and are essentially luck-based games that don’t require much strategy or skill in order to win.
With so many other casino games out there, it can be a lot of fun to test out the different options.

However, this does mean picking a casino that has these different options and gives you a good, secure platform on which to play.

With this in mind, when you are looking to play online, check out all aspects of the casino, from the games right through to the licensing, in order to ensure that you are going to experience the best gaming session you possibly can.